Most People Forget this Scientific Method to Naturally Gain Energy
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Most People Forget this Scientific Method to Naturally Gain Energy

by Felix Tikkanen on Aug 28, 2023

The amount of energy kids have is unfathomable. Even after an entire day of school it looks like they still have unlimited energy left. You were like that too. But now?

I don’t have any energy left after work.

Energy gives you the opportunity to be youthful. To do more. To fully live in the present. Energy brings happiness.

When our energy levels drop, it has become an automatic response to grab a cup of coffee. It solves your temporary energy problems. Wonderful, right? But then comes the afternoon dip. The crash that leaves you feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and unable to focus. Another cup of coffee? Coffee causes the afternoon dip, and gets used to fix exactly what it caused in the first place.

This is a vicious cycle and not a solution for your lack of energy. A sustainable solution would provide your body with energy in a healthy and natural way; the entire day. It would prevent the afternoon dip from ever happening.

There are three main causes for the lethargic feeling you get sometime during the day. We will discuss them thoroughly and offer the most effective solutions.

We will also give you a scientific formula, made by experts, that will skyrocket your natural energy. Thanks to this formula you will have so much energy that you'll wake up feeling refreshed. You’ll finally be full of energy throughout the day without feeling the dip. This formula works best if you’ve already fixed some of the 3 main reasons. Then it will work most effectively to give your energy an uplift.

The 3 reasons for a lack of energy
—and how to effectively solve them


What most people get wrong about a good night’s sleep


Physical exercise in this specific zone


The appropriate food for your body

1. What most people get wrong about a good night’s sleep

To have enough energy you need 7-9 hours of sleep. Scientists can observe objective physical/cognitive impairments the moment you sleep less.

But it’s not enough to sleep 7-9 hours a day. You also need qualitative sleep. Sleep medication, alcohol and other compounds hinder your quality immensely.

This subject out of scope for this article. If you want to know more read about this scientific formula that guarantees perfect sleep.

2. Physical exercise in this specific zone

Being lazy makes you tired

That’s a fact. If your body doesn’t need energy, since you’re not doing anything, then it won’t product it.

Also, at the end of the day, if you move a lot, you’ll be tired and sleep better.

Zone 2 cardio also increases the amount and the efficiency of cells which produce energy.

You should be getting 150-200 minutes of zone 2 cardio a week. This ensures optimal health. That means every day about 20-30 minutes of jogging, fast-walking, cycling, … There is an easy rule of thumb to know when you’re in zone 2. It’s when you’re physically moving but you can still just about manage a normal conversation.

If you have a heart rate tracker, like a smart watch, you can do the cardio based on your actual heart rate. This is more accurate. Zone 2 is around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.

3. The appropriate food for your body

A good diet has numerous benefits that gives you energy.

You need the correct nutrients for the production of energy.

There are two factors which will either boost your energy, or crash it.

  1. A constant blood sugar level.
  2. A healthy gut microbiome.

These two factors are crucial for a constant and high energy level.

What a healthy diet looks like is different for everyone. Some people have troubles digesting carbs properly, others fats. There is no one miracle diet that works for everyone.

But in general we can follow a few rules:

  1. No fast sugars like candy. It disrupts your blood sugar level the most.
  2. No processed foods
  3. Eat whole grains, complete proteins, a lot of fiber

These general rules will ensure that your blood sugar level is constant and that you will have a healthy gut micro biome.

If you’re cautious about what you eat then you will feel more energetic and have less dips.

But your body still has its limit in regards to energy intake from food. So, even if you eat the correct nutrients, your body still might refuse to convert everything to energy.

You're Already Producing Enough Energy...

...but your body isn't activating it. Your body is efficient in many ways. But still it falls short in energy conversion. You're already consuming more than enough calories or energy. But not everything converts into usable energy; that's why you feel drained. ****Your guts need to get the chance to take all the nutrients out of the food. That’s why you need these 5 compounds to gain more energy from your food. That way you can feel gracious again.

Let Go of Exhaustion with these 5 Natural Ingredients to Gain Energy.

Most of these natural ingredients help your body produce energy more effectively. The rest will generally boost your energy levels. Combining these 5 creates a miracle solution for your well-being.

1. Vitamin B8 / Biotin

Biotin helps in making neurotransmitters in your brain, improves focus and memory, and supports healthy brain function. All of this will help you conquer the day without any energy problems.

Biotin is also responsible for absorbing and converting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy.

Biotin also controls your blood sugar. With a more stable blood sugar level, you'll have consistent energy throughout the day.

Taking a biotin vitamin supplement will prevent energy dips. This happens because of the stable blood sugar level. This effect gets stronger when combined with complementary supplements.

2. Vitamin B12

It helps create red blood cells that are needed to produce energy.

Vitamin B12 is also responsible for absorbing and converting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy.

Taking a vitamin B12 supplement will help your body produce more energy, even if you're vegan. This vitamin is mostly found in meat, so it's important to take it as a supplement.

3. Vitamin D3

It supports cognitive function, reduces tiredness, and improves mood, leading to better mental well-being.

Vitamin D3 helps your body absorb calcium, magnesium, and phosphates in your intestines. This results in more energy in your body. It also strengthens your immune system, reducing the energy your body needs to fight diseases.

Taking a vitamin D energy supplement will help your body produce more energy and use energy more efficiently.

Can't my diet solve this?

In most cases, you don't get enough of the above vitamins from your diet. The modern diet doesn’t include them sufficiently. You'd need to eat a combination of eggs, fatty fish, meat, nuts, … every day.

Most people do this a few times a week, but that’s not enough. The best thing to do is to supplement everything to make sure you're getting the recommended amounts of each vitamin.

The crucial role of 2 substances in your daily energy
— Ancients got it right

1. CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 is a fascinating substance that played an important role in the energy of people back in the day. People from ancient civilisations unconsciously benefited from CoQ10 by eating liver and other organ meats in their diet.

These foods were naturally rich in CoQ10, helping them maintain high energy levels. Modern diets don't include as much organ meat. That's why taking CoQ10 as an energy supplement is a good idea. Coenzyme Q10 will give you more energy.

2. Ginseng Panax

Ginseng Panax is a special plant that has been seen as a magical remedy for a long time. It was used to improve vitality, strengthen endurance, and support overall well-being. You mostly find Ginseng Root in Asia, like Korea and China.

It does several things that improve your overall health, including giving you more energy. It improves:

  1. Blood circulation
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Keeps your blood sugar level stable
  4. Boosts physical and mental performance.

Panax Ginseng

According to history a miracle substance, now proven to give you an energy boost.

Vitamin B12

It helps create red blood cells that are needed to produce energy.

Vitamin B8

It's responsible for absorbing and converting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy.

Vitamin D3

It helps your body absorb calcium, magnesium, and phosphates in your intestines. This results in more energy in your body.

Co-enzym Q10

An enzyme that your cells need to convert other substances into energy.

By combining all these vitamins and active substances, you will not only have more energy but also feel happier and be more productive throughout the day. To help your body produce as much energy as possible, it's a good idea to change your diet.

You should try to eat a combination of foods like eggs, fatty fish, meat, nuts, organ meats, Ginseng root, … every day. Sadly, this can be a bit challenging and might not fit everyone's dietary preferences.

That's why the best option is to take all five of them as supplements. But …

Who Wants to Take 5 Different Supplements Daily Anyway?

  1. Forget to take them consistently
  2. They taste neutral or even unpleasant
  3. Irritating to swallow
  4. They're not even that effective.

The latter was the nail in the coffin for us. You might reluctantly accept taking the supplements because they're effective, but that's not the case.

You should’ve seen my face when I realised that I’ve been taking supplements for no reason for years. It can and it should be better. That’s why we’ve made something based on experts so that you will:

  1. Never forget them again
  2. Enjoy delightful flavours
  3. Look forward to taking them
  4. Make them 216% more effective

We've packed all these compounds into a candy. So you can get an even better result from a delicious candy than from a unpleasant capsule.

You'll be able to enjoy life by consuming something that's basically a candy. Since health comes first, we've made it sugar-free and vegan too. That way Gimmy will keep your blood sugar stable for sure.

This energy supplement will make you youthful and energetic. So that you can get a lot more out of your day and finally be happier. No afternoon dips anymore. Finally you can go through the day without a crash.

Scientists have concluded that unlike other sweeteners, Maltitol doesn't pose health problems. So, the gummies are perfectly safe even for diabetes patients.

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