About Gimmy_

GIMMY is an accessible way to a better you.

Meet GIMMY, the vitamin gummy to take care of your mind. We know it can be hard to find your balance, and GIMMY is here to help. Take care of your mind by adding just a little treat to your daily routine.

Young lady enjoying a gummy vitamin. The gummy is dark red in colour and slightly transparent to highlight the sweetness of the supplement gummy.

Taking care of yourself shouldn't come with any trade-offs. We know pills or powders never taste good. Why not enjoy taking care of yourself for once?

One Mission

A table is visible with fresh fruit in a bowl (lemons, green apples) together with the GIMMY Energy supplements in front of them. The glass bottle is standing next to the GIMMY Energy box. Behind the table, a young women with curly hair is looking at the gummies on the table.

We rely on science and expert input for our ingredients and vitamin composition. Don't mistake our gummies for candy, they're serious supplements, as effective as capsules or pills.

Scientists Made It

2 young women are eating GIMMY vitamin gummies while smiling. In front of them is a table with fresh fruit and the GIMMY Energy bottle and box on it.

With GIMMY, we aim to make wellbeing a more approachable and open topic by adding some fun and pleasure. Don't take stress, energy loss, bad sleep,... for granted. Explore our products and feel the effects for yourself. Don't forget to give us your feedback, we want to know how our GIMMY vitamins have made an impact on you.

Our Impact