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4 Tips to Manage Stress Levels

by Boris Paul Roelandt on Jan 19, 2023

Feeling stressed can incur considerable damage both mentally and physically. While you are attempting to remain calm and have a grip on your schedule, social plans, career goals, and self-care, being overwhelmed can make it challenging to remain on track. Here are 4 action points we want to highlight, that you can focus on for managing stress levels:

1. Get Active

Try to spend 10 – 15 minutes a day being active. And going to get a cup of coffee doesn't count. Yoga and meditation were proven "active" enough to reduce the overall stress the body goes through. Create a habit tracker and try being active 10-15 minutes in the morning, before sleep or after work, and you'll gradually feel stress levels go down.

2. Drag

Having a steady sleep schedule will help reduce anxiety and makes you better cope with stress caused throughout a day. It is scientifically proven that sleeping 7-8 hours a night has a huge impact on your stress levels the morning after. Better sleep creates a healthy biological cycle for your body and brain, and helps you remain focused and on top of things.

3. Supplements

Feeding your body and brain with healthy nutrients works wonders when it comes to a stressed nervous system. The proper supplements will provide the necessary support, and that's where GIMMY Gummies come in place. Vitamin B deficiency is a common occurrence throughout the world, so look for supplements that contain Vitamin B, and to our advice, in combination with stress relief ingredients such as Ashwagandha.


Follow through with the events of the day to be able to track your stress triggers and handle it better. You will come across stress relieving quotes that we post and discuss on our social media platforms; it will help you going on rough days, so make sure to give our Instagram and Facebook page a look!

Bottom line:

Stress is a regular reaction to numerous conditions, yet that does not mean you allow stress to get in your way. There are numerous natural ways that you can track down stress, help and recapture a feeling of prosperity and calmness, even during chaotic times.

Investing in your well-being does not always have to be through an extensive routine or extreme lifestyle changes. Wellbeing can start with enjoying a GIMMY No Stress gummy to limit stress and get your day going right. Being consistent with what you give your body will be fruitful, be sure to consistently give your body what it needs, and remove stress triggers that your body does not need.

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