Taking supplements can be easier.

Together with three pharmacists, we have developed the best vitamin gummies on the market: Scientifically proven, perfect texture, delicious taste, and without any compromise.

Throw away your boring supplements and try GIMMY: with the same benefits but pleasant to take. Taking care of yourself has become a pleasure, not a chore. GIMMY makes it possible to enjoy your daily supplements. Eat two delicious and sugar-free gummies every day to support your health in the best possible way.

Made by pharmacists

Our gummies are made together with 3 certified pharmacists. This way we guarantee the highest quality gummies without compromises.

Strong Dose & Quality

GIMMY's vitamin gummies are top quality and do not stick to the bottle or to your teeth. We have created high-quality and effective formulas with proven active ingredients to ensure the best results for you.


About the founders

We are Simon and Boris, the founders of GIMMY.

We have one dream: that you enjoy taking good care of yourself.

It all started with my own problem: taking pills is frustrating and sometimes difficult. Because of this, we often forgot to take our supplements. Does this sound familiar?

Existing gummy vitamins often have a low dosage, stick to the bottle or your teeth and contain harmful sugars. That's why we decided to bring about change ourselves.

Together with a group of experienced pharmacists, we have developed high-dose vitamin gummies. Our gummies are scientifically proven and contain only the best ingredients, without synthetic or harmful substances such as sugar. Because for us it's about letting you enjoy yourself while taking good care of yourself, without worries.

Our pharmacists & experts

They helped with development and production.

As a passionate pharmacist, she is very well informed about innovations in vitamins and supplements. She believes strongly in gummy supplements and their effectiveness and helps us with advice on formulas and product validation.

Justine Vindevogel

Jo Parmentier (DCP) is a world-renowned osteopath who strongly believes in preventive healthcare, using physical treatment and exercise in combination with 100% natural supplements and vitamins.

Jo Parmentier was Europe's pioneer in the field of osteopathy and is currently vice president of The International Academy of Osteopathy.

Jo Parmentier