Are Gummy Supplements effective?
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Are Gummy Supplements effective?

door Simon Dewaele op Oct 31, 2022

Yes they are, and not only we think they are. Let us explain.

Are gummy supplements proven to work?

Multiple clinicians and producers have conducted scientific research to compare absorption measured in an adult’s body and bioequivalence of active ingredients when taking a gummy supplement versus capsules/pill supplements. These studies have collectively shown that gummy vitamins are absorbed by the body to the same degree as alternative forms.

People often assume that gummies contain lower quantities of active ingredients. This is not the case, however. Lab studies showed that gummy vitamins are more bioavailable than pills at an equal-sized serving, meaning that a lower dosage of an active ingredient in a gummy has the same effect as a higher dosage in a pill, powder, or capsule supplement. This is the result of the activation of the ingredients in the production process combined with the activation created when chewing, leading to higher absorption.

Are the ingredients used scientifically proven?

Yes, GIMMY relies on scientific proof and expert reviews for our products and only clinically-studied ingredients are used in our gummies. Depending on the most suitable gummy suitable for your needs, a variety of vitamins, botanicals and plant extracts are used to create the perfect mix of nutrients. We also made sure multiple gummies can be combined alongside each other by minimizing ingredient overlap.

Gummy supplements Vs other vitamins:

The best supplements for adults are obviously the ones that are proven to work, but in our opinion also the ones that are pleasant to take. And research shows that people significantly better sustain supplement rituals when taking gummies compared to alternative forms. How does GIMMY gummies compare to other vitamin forms?

  • Gummy supplements vs pills / Gummy supplements vs capsules: many people struggle to swallow oversized pill or capsules. While most vitamin supplements still come in this form, gummies have the same effectiveness, can be chewed on and taste good, what’s not to like? There is no sensory pleasure of capsules and pills, so why not add it to the experience?
  • Gummy supplements vs powders: dissolving powder in water or other liquids makes it easier to take your vitamins, but people tend to get tired of the preparation process and effort. With gummies, you only have to open the bottle, take a gummy and enjoy every bite of your healthy habit.

The bottom line

At GIMMY, we think that taking your vitamins should be an enjoyable and consistent experience that you look forward to every day. Therefore, we put a lot of effort in making their texture and taste as good as possible, while maintaining proven effectiveness as our highest priority. Include gummy vitamins and supplements in your wellbeing routine, and the extra dose of nutrition will foster a happier you.

Want to know more about every ingredient in our supplements? Check out our blog page: GIMMY Blogs

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