Is Maltitol healthy?
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Is Maltitol healthy?

door Simon Dewaele op Feb 07, 2023

Maltitol, is it any good? At GIMMY supplements we believe so!

At GIMMY, we believe gummy supplements should not only be highly effective, but also genuinely healthy, compared to some other gummy options available. One of the most obvious decisions for GIMMY is to use maltitol as organic sweetener to make our vitamin supplements taste great, instead of artificial glucose syrup and/or sugar. Artificial glucose syrup and/or sugar are cheaper alternatives, and our human brains have grown to adore them. We however strongly believe there is no place for sugar in vitamins and supplements. products to support your mental wellbeing should not adversely affect your physical wellbeing. We don’t believe in trade-offs.

Why do we use Maltitol in our gummies?

Maltitol is used in GIMMY supplements to make the taste superior and to not offset the health benefits of the gummies. Sweeteners often get a negative connotation, however we believe they shouldn’t.

Benefits of maltitol as sweetener in gummy supplements

Maltitol has many health benefits and advantages over sugar:

  • Good for teeth: maltitol gummies may help prevent dental caries. Polyols (sugar alcohols) are non-cariogenic, meaning that compared to sugar, oral bacteria who digest maltitol do not nearly produce the same amount of acid. It therefore does not contribute to enamel erosion or cavity formation.
  • Maltitol sticks less to your teeth, so maltitol based gummy supplements are easier to chew.
  • Good for body and overall health: maltitol contains half the calories of sugar and hence is perfectly suited with your diet or healthy lifestyle.
  • No short term peak increase in sugar level, meaning that the vitamins don’t affect your sleep cycles and energy levels.
  • Beneficial for people with diabetes: maltitol is slowly absorbed by the body compared to glucose, meaning sugar and insulin levels change at a much slower rate. 

Can maltitol do any harm, are there any negatives?

Well yes and no. We always advise customers to stick to the recommended dosage of 2 gummies per day. If, by accident, you or someone else has taken more than the recommended dosage, you should not panic. Maltitol, when taken in large doses, could possibly cause gastrointestinal discomfort, or have a laxative effect, but tolerance differs by person. 


Maltitol makes our gummies yummy, while still being healthy. Health benefits without trade-offs rarely occur, but we strongly believe that health supplements should have no negative side effects. Use our gummy vitamins with moderation.

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