Sleeping badly: 5 best tips for better sleep in 2023
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Sleeping badly: 5 best tips for better sleep in 2023

door Boris Paul Roelandt op Dec 15, 2022

Sleep problems? Having trouble falling asleep? Put an end to your insomnia with these 5 tips.

A constant rhythm is worth its weight in gold

It's not always easy, but going to sleep at the same time every day helps your body produce the right substances like melatonin in time. Your biological clock becomes attuned to your constant rhythm and also knows exactly when you want to wake up again.

No screens in the bedroom

The bedroom is not made for working, watching TV or scrolling on your smartphone. You can train your brain to associate your bedroom only with better sleep.  This way, your body is automatically reminded that it is time to sleep just by walking into your bedroom.

Sleep shorter during the day

Do you also need a nap in the afternoon every day? You're not alone. However, try never to sleep for no more than 20 minutes during the day. This is because you risk falling into a deep sleep, which makes falling asleep faster at night considerably more difficult.

Schedule time to worry

This one probably sounds pretty weird, but it works incredibly well. Set aside between 10 and 30 minutes each day to process the day's worries, and plan for tomorrow. That way, you'll also leave these thoughts behind at bedtime. No more tossing and turning in bed, you've already sorted out your thoughts nicely. This technique is hugely effective against sleep problems, and also helps with stress. Stress is additionally one of the main factors of poor sleep.

Consider a (gummy) sleep supplement

Your body is strong at regulating the right substances needed to get to sleep faster. But that doesn't mean it can't use a boost. There are several non-addictive supplements that support your natural sleep rhythm. For example, there is GIMMY Deep Sleep with melatonin, valerian, vitamin B6 and chamomile. Taking two Deep Sleep gummies every night can not only help you fall asleep faster, but also help you sleep through the night better. 

In short

Maintaining a consistent sleep rhythm, avoiding screens, shorter naps and being smart about your worries can make a big difference. There are also great sleep supplements on the market, including GIMMY Deep Sleep gummies. Save 20% on your Deep Sleep gummies today with the code BETERSLAPEN20.

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