Valerian: Uses, Effects & Benefits. Is it really a Magic Ingredient for Sleep & Stress?
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Valerian: Uses, Effects & Benefits. Is it really a Magic Ingredient for Sleep & Stress?

door Simon Dewaele op Dec 15, 2022

Valerian is known for its powerful effects on relaxation and sleep. We explain a few of these.

Do you sometimes struggle with poor sleep or general sleep problems? Do you lie tossing and turning for hours at night? too much stress? A lot of people suffer from it, and there are indeed remedies to help you with this. Remedies such as medicines, can be a step too far for some people. Others, like supplements based on plant extracts, such as valerian.

What is Valerian?

Valerian, also known as Valeriana officinalis, is a herbaceous plant from the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae). The plant is mainly found in Eurasia, and is common in Belgium and the Netherlands in most areas. An extract can be obtained from the bare stem of the plant. Its constituents are often used in relaxing supplements. The plant is known within phytotherapy (or herbal medicine), and was already used in ancient Greece.  

How does Valerian affect you and your body?

Scientist are still trying to figure out exactly how the herbal remedy works, and also if it equally works well on everyone. Its actions on the body are largely due to the interaction between valerenic acid (1 of the active compounds in valerian) and GABA in the brain. GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid, a substance that regulates impulses in the brain and nervous system. A deficiency of GABA could be manifested as anxiety, stress and insomnia, and is caused by age, unhealthy diet, alcohol or stress, among other things. GABA also comes as an ingredient in supplements, and is found in our GIMMY No Stress supplement, among others.

Valerenic acid enhances the action of GABA, returning calmness to your brain, and also helping you fall asleep faster. In mild forms of nervousness, tension or insomnia, drug treatment is not indicated, and valerian is offered as an accessible ingredient through supplements.

What effects does Valerian have? Will I feel the effect?

Pure Valerian extract mainly has a calming effect, and is usually noticeable after half an hour. In some people, this does take a little longer. However our supplements gradually takes effect. We recommend taking the supplements routinely and on a daily basis. To make this easier, we bring valerian in a tasty gummy that you'll gladly eat instead of capsules or pills that can be swallowed with water. 

Keep in mind that valerian does not have the same effectiveness in everyone. Some people feel the effect very quickly, while others hardly feel any difference. If after 2 weeks of taking valerian supplements correctly you still do not feel a difference, we recommend you consult your doctor for alternatives to discuss your nervousness or sleep problems.

Is Valerian the aid I need?

If you have symptoms of insomnia, nervousness, or stress in general, valerian in a supplement may be a good first solution before moving on to medications. The main healing effect of valerian is to relieve mild forms of nervousness, stress, tension and insomnia. If you have serious symptoms, we recommend that you consult your doctor. If you like to take valerian remedy to help with sleep problems or get a relaxing effect, we recommend combining it with other ingredients such as

  • For better sleep:
    • melatonin
    • L-theanine
    • Vitamin B6
  • For relieving stress and tension:
    • L-theanine
    • GABA
    • Ashwagandha
    • Lemon balm

at GIMMY we already did the leg-work for you and combined the previously mentioned ingredients in two different supplement products , keep in mind that among all our products we maintain sugar-free and vegan gummies. Check out our GIMMY Deep Sleep supplement and GIMMY No Stress supplement. 

Are there any disadvantages to Valerian?

By now, the benefits of valerian and the potential effect of the herbal remedy are clear. But are there any drawbacks or things to consider? Despite the fact that there are no withdrawal or addiction symptoms, and that most people do not experience any side effects, some mild side effects are known:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness, fatigue
  • gastrointestinal complaints 

There are no known restrictions on how long you can take valerian for. You may take the plant extract for as long as you deem necessary. However, with GIMMY Products we do recommend to not exceed the daily dosage. Consult your healthcare provider if you experience side effects that worry you.

Who is better off not taking Valerian?

Studies on the effects and side effects of valerian are limited today. Not only that but also studies regarding pregnant women and younger children. One of our many motto's is Better Safe than Sorry, therefore GIMMY does not recommend taking valerian for pregnant women or young children under the age of 12. If you take medications for stress or take sleep aids to solve your sleep problems, GIMMY does not recommend mixing Valerian containing products with other medications before consulting your healthcare provider..

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We also have created a bundle containing the GIMMY Products with Valerian in it for you to have the best of both worlds, and due to the effects of it we named it The Zen Bundle. 

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