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Vitamin Deficiencies You Need to Know

door Boris Paul Roelandt op Jan 26, 2023

The most common vitamin deficiencies are vitamin D, B6, B12 and Folic acid B8, these are the top common vitamin deficiencies in the world. At GIMMY we advocate a well-balanced mental and physical wellbeing. 

How can each GIMMY product help you with vitamin deficiencies?

GIMMY Focus contains Folic Acid and vitamin B12; each of those vitamins can help increase you overall focus levels thought the day. Having a daily healthy dosage of folic acid and  vitamin B12 fights extreme fatigue and headaches. Works on Improving the memory and slows down age related memory and cognitive decline.

GIMMY No Stress also contains Folic Acid, which helps protect against some heart disorders caused by increase in stress levels. A diet rich in healthy vitamins is good for everyone.

GIMMY Deep Sleep we added vitamin B6, this vitamin is necessary for several function in the body. Vitamin B6 helps the body product serotonin, that promotes relaxation and sleep. Taking two gummies before bed will help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

GIMMY Energy contains vitamin B12, B8 and D3. Vitamin b8 controls the body’s insulin and affects dopamine, giving you a physical and mental boost of energy. While vitamin b12 consumes the food we eat into energy fuel for our body. Vitamin D helps serves many purposes in the body, however research suggests that the lack of vitamin D leads to fatigue, therefore the regular consumption of vitamin D lead to improved energy levels.

Bottom Line: 

With plenty of deficiencies going unnoticed, GIMMY created bundles to be able to give you efficient results. We created two bundles with our products that are mixed with the essential vitamins you need along your physical and mental wellbeing journey.

The Productivity bundle is made up of GIMMY Energy and GIMMY Focus, where Vitamin B12, B8, D3 and folic acid are present. The productivity bundles helps you with focus, fatigue, loss of energy and provides you with the essential vitamins to fight the deficiencies. 

The Zen bundle is made up of GIMMY Deep Sleep and GIMMY No Stress. The bundle contains both folic acid and vitamin B6, these two vitamins work together to boost your mood, increase relaxation; thus reduce stress and help you get a good night sleep. 

GIMMY products will not take the stress away and increase your focus instantly, but it may gradually help reduce the symptoms so one feels more at ease. Overall, including GIMMY in your daily routine can be a missing piece of your health plan but remember it’s not a cure-all. 

GIMMY Bundles: 

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