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Why take GIMMY No Stress?

door Boris Paul Roelandt op Jan 20, 2023

Are GIMMY No Stress gummies for you?

GIMMY No Stress Supplements are made to gradually assist you with overseeing daily stress and anxiety. The powerful mixture of ingredients helps to gradually calm your sensory system, support relaxation, and advance a general feeling of calmness all through your body. This GIMMY No Stress Supplement is for any individual who struggles with anxiety or stress daily. GIMMY No Stress Supplements are an extraordinary choice for somebody who is looking for a clean and natural choice to manage day to day stress in a healthy manner. 

What is in it?

Our plant-based formula is completely natural with all the right ingredients to help you fight stress and anxiety. Our delicious fruity flavored GIMMY No Stress gummies are easy to chew made of scientifically proven ingredients.

Formed with L-Theanine, GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), and lemon balm extract to advance calmness and relaxation. An effective equation that conveys destressing, while maintaining alertness and focus.

The Gummy Supplements also include Ashwagandha, a plant that has a scientifically and clinically proven effect of stress relief and helps with anxiety symptoms.

One more ingredient GIMMY includes in the GIMMY No Stress Gummy Supplement is Vitamin B11, where if a B-vitamin is combined with Ashwagandha in your daily supplements, it could be effective intervention for improved mood swings and stress levels. 

What do we leave out of our gummies?

We value healthy, animal-cruelty free, vegan friendly ingredients. GIMMY’s Supplements are professionally researched and clinically tested to supply a mixture of healthy and delicious Gummy Supplements to help you create balance physical and mental wellbeing and live a fuller life.  

None of the following ingredients are used in our gummies:

  • Gluten & GMOs 
  • Artificial Sweeteners  
  • Sugar
  • No High Fructose corn syrup 
  • Gelatin 
  • Artificial Food Dyes  

Why take GIMMY No Stress supplements?

We strongly believe in self-care. The root of our daily stress lies in our environment, habits and personal behavior. Therefore, GIMMY does not claim to solve your stressful feelings just by taking GIMMY supplements. We however encourage you to check back on your lifestyle and work on natural ways to reduce stress, next to taking our supportive stress supplements. Read our blog on stress management tips for more advice.

GIMMY No Stress

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