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Meisje met krullend haar geniet van Gimmy gummies met gele energie uit tropisch fruit.


A daily habit you can build on

GIMMY stands for premium quality and trust.

What makes us unique? We change the way feel when taking your daily supplements. All our gummies have a great taste and texture, so you will never forget to take them and genuinely enjoy them.

Our products are scientifically validated by pharmacists and only contain the best formulas for you wellbeing.

Our vitamin gummies, made for your wellbeing


What our customers say


I love them, especially since there's no sugar

The fact that the gummies don’t have any added sugars were the selling point for me. Wouldn't go back to pills for my vitamins anytime soon I think.

Geoffrey, 32

Love it so much

"Just can't believe the fantastic effect these have had on me. I'd recommend them to everyone."

Dean, 45

The perfect vitamin for professionals

"As a corporate lawyer I relate to all the issues Gimmy addresses. I use deep sleep and energy and both have been doing wonders for my mood and health."

Linda, 50

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Let us take care of the details. The convenience of our premium vitamins, right at your doorstep every month. This way, you won't forget them.

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